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Hoverboards and Insurance: What You Need to Know By: Julia Nene | February 19, 2016 You’ve probably seen them in music videos and blog fails. Where you won’t see them are on a long list of university campuses, airplanes and football stadiums. READ MORE >>

  Automatic Emergency Braking Will Soon Come Standard in New Vehicles By: Amanda Prischak | March 30, 2016 Automatic emergency braking is a popular new auto technology—and it’s been shown to save lives. READ MORE >>

Buying a home is one of the biggest—and most stressful—financial decisions you’ll ever make. You want to make the best choice possible for you, your family and your wallet. This series of posts is designed to help you do just that by offering you some smart home buying tips. READ MORE >>

As car safety technologies have improved over the decades, auto fatalities have decreased. Experts predict that it may be possible to reach a point in the future in which there are no auto fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will soon release a report showing that no auto fatalities occurred in a record number of vehicles during a three-year period. READ MORE >>

Blog   Getting Serious About Life Insurance   No one likes to think about life insurance, much less talk about it or buy it. It’s uncomfortable and a little scary, acknowledging that we won’t live forever. But remember: life insurance isn’t about the people who are gone. READ MORE >>

When Erie Insurance was founded back in 1925, we only offered one kind of insurance: auto. Today, we offer a lot more, but car insurance is still the heart and soul of what we do. We’re passionate about all insurance, and we’re experts when it comes to cars.   READ MORE >>

You probably come to a full halt at stop signs, always use your turn signals and never speed through a yellow light. But even the best drivers all have one thing in common: we're all human, and humans make mistakes.   Maybe you forgot to look both ways before making that right turn on red, or you were following the car in front of you just a smidge too closely. READ MORE >>

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